Spanish with Profe
Welcome to Spanish with Profe! Learning a language is difficult and requires personal commitment and self-discipline. Throughout the year, you will be required to learn new vocabulary, study new grammar concepts, and show your knowledge of diverse aspects of Hispanic culture. You will be expected to participate in daily lessons designed to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Your grade will be determined according to the following weighted categories:

Proficiency Evaluations 40%
       -Reading 10%
       -Writing 10%
       -Listening 10%
       -Speaking 10%
Projects - 25%
Notebook - 25%
Attendance - 10%

To access the weekly agenda for your class, please click on the corresponding link to the left.
  • If you miss a Speaking, Listening, Reading or Writing Assessment, you must make it up within three days of your return to school. If you cannot arrange to do that, it must not matter very much to you!
  • Late classwork or homework is not accepted. If you do not have the work completed and/or you are absent on the day it is due, you will not receive credit
  • Don't forget to visit the textbook website to practice Grammar and Vocabulary from each chapter. To access the textbook website, click on Favorite Links, then enter your textbook QuickPass code.

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